RDF is an international centre for choreographic practices in Iceland – seeking to curate an all year round conversation with its audiences – through the artists we present, support and produce.

Founded in 2002, RDF's central activity has always been its international August festival. Since 2014 however, RDF has extended beyond its activities in August – to include national and international initiatives throughout the year in the form of mini-festival formats, workshops, and residencies. 

More on the history of RDF here.



Alexander Roberts (b.1986)

Alexander started in music – playing in punk and hardcore bands. It was during that time that he developed an interest in bodies, in the idea that aesthetic movements can also be a political movements, in amateurism as a strategy, in Live Art, performance, dancing and choreography.

Now – Alexander works predominantly as a curator and as a producer of Live Art. But also sometimes as a dramaturgical advisor, a pedagogue, and as a choreographer (most typically in collaboration with others).

Typically his curatorial practice has almost always manifested as independent one–off format–specific programmes. However, there are exceptions. Including  artFart festival 2009 and 2010, as well as Reykjavik Dance Festival 2013. Alexander established a Live Art research and development agency with Ásgerður G. Gunnarsdóttir in Iceland in 2012, and co–founded art collective Choreography Reykjavík that same year. Both are still in operation today.

Alexander also gives courses across the departments at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts on tactics and strategies for writing about Live Art, dancing, choreography and performance. As well as different approaches to thinking about the relation between politics and aesthetics.

Additionally Alexander is currently working with Ásrún Magnúsdóttir on a radio series exploring movement and bodies in popular music culture – and developing two dance solos exploring the same topic.


Ásgerður G. Gunnarsdóttir (b.1983)

Ásgerður started within the field of dance and choreography as a dancer and choreographer. During her studies she co-founded a fringe festival for young performance makers in Iceland named artFart, which ran from 2006 - 2010.  In 2011, Ásgerður established a Live Art Research and Development Agency based in Reykjavík with Alexander Roberts, which curated one off events within the field of live art. Currently she is the joint artistic director of Reykjavík Dance Festival alongside Alexander Roberts for RDF 2014 - 2016.

She is not unfamiliar with RDF, as she was on the board of the festival from 2011 - 2014, as well as co-producer and curator of the Super Social Space during RDF 2013 – with the collective Choreography Reykjavík.

Among other things, Ásgerður also works as a dramaturgical advisor and a teacher. She gives courses at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts on local and international dance history as well as teaches in the National Ballet School of Iceland. She has an ongoing research interest in how contemporary dance as a field of both production and analysis has emerged in Iceland as a second hand knowledge base.


Kara Hergils (b.1987)

Kara graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2011. Since then she has done several independent productions both as a choreographer and performer, as well as taught contemporary dance over the last 8 years. Over time her focus has shifted and she has invested more time on production and administration. Kara has now taken on the position of producer of RDF.


Technical director: Valdimar Jóhannsson
Technician: Juliette Louste


Aldís Amah Hamilton, Alexander Erlendsson, Birna Rún Eiríksdóttir, Hjalti Rúnar Jónsson, Íris Tanja Ívars Flygenring, Maria Thelma Smáradóttir, María Dögg Nelson, Sigurbjartur Sturla Atlason, Snæfríður Ingvarsdóttir, Andrea Elín Vilhjálmsdóttir, Gréta Kristín Ómarsdóttir, Ingvi Hrafn Laxdal Victorsson, Jóhann Kristófer Stefánsson, Nína Sigríður Hjálmarsdóttir, Sigurjón Bjarni Sigurjónsson, Brynja Jónsdóttir, Heba Eir Jónasdóttir Kjeld, Mariann Hansen, Aya María Urhammer, Viktoria Chen, Ines Kakkonen, Julia Schmidt, Wilhelmina Ojananen, Inga Huld Hákonardóttir, Austeja Villkaityte


Arndís Amah Hamilton, Alexander Erlendsson – verkefnastjóri Dansverkstæði, Andrea Elín VilhjálmsdóttirAya Maria Urhammer, Birna Rún Eiríksdóttir, Brynja Jónsdóttir – verkefnastjóri Gamla Bíó, Dominique Gyða Sigrúnardóttir, Gréta Kristín Ómarsdóttir, Heba Eir Jónasdóttir Kjeld, Hjalti Rúnar Jónsson – verkefnastjóri Hafnarhúsi, Inga Huld Hákonardóttir, Ingvi Hrafn Laxdal, Íris Tanja Ívars Flygenring, Klāvs Liepiņš, María Thelma Smáradóttir, Mariann Hansen – verkefnastjóri Skugga, María Dögg Nelson, Nína Sigríður Hjálmarsdóttir, Selma Reynisdóttir, Sigurbjartur Sturla Atlason, Snæfríður Ingvarsdóttir Viktoria ChenViktoria Ivicsics, Wilhelmina Ojananen, Þorvaldur Sigurbjörn Helgason

Kjartan Darri Kristjánsson – sviðsstjóri Smiðju LHÍ

Arnþór Þorsteinsson – sviðsstjóri Tjarnarbíói


Board: Tinna Lind Gunnarsdóttir, Steinunn Ketilsdóttir, Diljá Ámundadóttir, Jón Þorgeir Kristjánsson, Berglind Pétursdóttir, Saga Sigurðardóttir, Hrafnhildur Einarsdóttir.