RDF #13

26TH – 29TH NOVEMBER 2014


Back this November, with our final iteration of this year, RDF invites artists and audiences alike to congregate around a programme of work, that brings with it a concern for what pop can do for the localised micro-communities of the stage, the gallery, the music hall, and the cinema.

Through choreographies in the form of radio broadcasts, music videos, album making, concerts, t-shirts, pop dances, borderline musicals, blockbuster films and crowd control, RDF's end-of-2014 bonanza continues the festival's enduring focus on working with dancing and choreography to seek out other means and content through which conversations can take place. Conversations that differ from those that currently dominate the popular imaginary, due to 1) what is spoken; 2) who speaks; and 3) how it's said. Put simply, we hope to congregate with you around a seriousness for dancing and choreography.

Via a full programme of performances, listening parties, dancing parties, danceoke parties, heated debates in the local swimming pool, as well as a continuation of RDF's Radio Dance Forum (an on-going series of choreographed radio pieces – realised in collaboration with national radio culture show Viðsjá) – we hope to come together with you in queer wondering; to speculate on how the choreographies that make up this programme invites us to listen, watch and engage differently; invites us to do, make, say and think differently; invites us care, feel, love and share differently.

See you in there.


Halla Ólafsdóttir (ÍS/SE) and Amanda Apetrea (SE)

Ásrún Magnúsdóttir (ÍS) and Alexander Roberts (ÍS/UK) 

Christian Falsnaes (DK/DE)

Choreography Reykjavík (ÍS)

Erna Ómarsdóttir, Valdimar Jóhannsson and Shalala (ÍS)

Kriðpleir (ÍS)

Juli Reinartz (DE)

Nadja Hjorton (SE)

Ula Sickle (CA/PL)