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Reykjavík Dance Festival will broadcast via its website performances taking place at the festival We Love Radio, in Buda Kortrijk. 

Broadcasting Thursday, Friday and Saturday 17.00 – LATE.

Click on the link below to tune in!

Three Days of Live Performances ON STAGE and… ON AIR!

WE LOVE RADIO! is a festival that evolves in between stages and waves; in between performance, dance, and radio.
WE LOVE RADIO! is presenting works by performance-artists, working on radio as a format, a context or a medium that gives an essential place to the imagination of the audience (spectators/listeners).
WE LOVE RADIO! is a festival composed as a radio program, where listening and experiencing (together) is a central notion.

In a world massively dominated by images, it seems performance artists are paying more and more attention to sound, and – by extension - to Radio.

For many contemporary art makers, Radio is not only that good old communication tool, but an extended field of exciting possibilities: disconnecting time and space, voice and body, vision (what you see) and audition (what you hear), it stimulates the imagination of the ones who are listening and turns them into “active spectators” of an imaginary performance, each of them creating their own images for the sounds that enter they ears.

For this full audio festival, a serious bunch of multi-talented performance artists from all over Europe are landing on the stages of BUDA Kortrijk to explore the relationship between performance and Radio in various (and sometimes unexpected) formats.

But Radio is also the discursive medium “par excellence”, so we grab the opportunity and ask the artists to share their utterly most important audio inspiration sources on air, and talk about it, extensively.

The performance program is to be experienced LIVE in our theater venues – with 7 creations and/or Belgian premieres all ‘made @ BUDA’; but also… ON AIR, thanks to Radio Quindo (www.quindo.be) in Kortrijk and XL Air (www.xlair.be) –by the RITS School of Arts.