The main themes for this new work are about light, looking and being seen. It will be developed with a group of performers and a visual describer. I have just made a performance (YAYAYA AYAYAY) about darkness, so this new work is a continuation of that process. For the RDF residency I will develop my practice of glitching through movement and song, to time travel in between visible and invisible worlds and atmospheres. I will bring in a plethora of messy ideas that may or may not belong together; exploring light and its therapeutic qualities, mild tear drops and expansive doom dancing. I will be playing peekaboo with the studio and look at robotic malfunctions. I’m a Libra so I want to work with justice and balancing within the body. I want to work with my gut feelings and to use the mind-gut connection as a creative decision making tool inspired by all that exists but isn’t visible to the open eye, such as hallucinations, dreams and delusions.

 Materials: SAD light, eyes, probiotics, stains, cello.


Artist biography

Louise Ahl is a Glasgow-based artist originally from Sweden, making experimental and choreographic performance work. She creates both solo and collaborative multi-art-form pieces. In 2010 she began making work with her performance persona Ultimate Dancer, who was born as a half-joke/half-critical/wholly-serious attempt to explode and lovingly re-manifest the art form of dance.

Louise’s work exists at the edges of choreography, performance and visual art, working away from narrative based performances, instead making ambitious and detailed thematic concepts for the work to exist in, using movement, voice, light, sonics and language.