Photos: Jeaneen Lund

A starting point for „Visitors” project by Iza Szostak was a pre-arranged meeting (or exchange) by three artists with different cultural backgrounds, coming from Iceland, Poland and Lithuania. That meeting took a form of a two-week research in Iceland, wherein the author apprenticed with a luthier in an attempt to learn an occupation at a risk of extinction. Through ethnographic research: conversation, participant observation and practical embodiment of the craft, she tried to learn as much as possible about what luthiers do. A local artist and an instrument lover living in the northern part of the island was the main object of her research. The presentation of the work done in the form of a performance provides a frame for the whole meeting and summarizes what she has learned of the trade. The whole research project was continuously witnessed by a visual artist who registered all details of this particular visit in an objective way, using a video camera. 


Choreographer: Iza Szostak

Visual anthropologist: Vaida Braziunaite



Time: 13.00-13.30
Staður: Iðnó, 2nd floor