“Stories of spiders” contain two pieces – an art installation and series of paintings that are both going to be set into place décor without a significant intervention.

With a names of “Spiders” have been called a decorative hand-made chandelier in polish folk tradition. Spiders were often mentioned as a symbol of spinning, textile weaving, basketry, knotwork and net making with reference to their ability of web- spinning. This aspect of a cultural depictions of spiders is linked to Icelandic section of work - One of most significant and well - known parts of Icelandic folk culture are the traditional knitting patterns and almost everybody recognize lopapeysa – Icelandic hand- made sweaters.
In my work visual comes to deconstruction of this traditional forms; the decorative spider chandeliers as well as the Icelandic knitting ornaments. Structures are going to be deprive out of a colorful details 

Created by: Wiola Ujazdowska 



Time: 13.00 – 18.00
Place: Iðnó, 2nd floor, Attic