FRIDAY 20TH NOV || 21:30 - 22:30 || TJARNARBÍÓ, TJARNARGATA 12, 101 RVK

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Since before he even could read, Snæbjörn wanted to become a writer. Then he married Ragnheiður who is absolutely convinced he’s actually a dancer stuck in a writer’s body. Or maybe even a choreographer.

Abandoning the written word for what seems to be a quicker and easier creative process, Snæbjörn will translate his unfinished novels into dance. But what really matters when it comes to a good translation? Is translating words into movements as simple and as easy as translating Icelandic into English? Capturing the spirit of the idea? The style of the author? Can choreography replace literature? Can ideas of politics, religion and psychological motivations be expressed in a meaningful way by a dancer stuck in a writer´s body.

On the power of language, or the lack thereof...


Concept and performance by: Ragnheiður Sigurðardóttir Bjarnarson and Snæbjörn Brynjarsson

Performed by: Snæbjörn Brynjarsson

Dramaturgical Advice: Alexander Roberts

Duration: approx 60 minutes

Supported by: Reykjav´ik Dance Festival, Lókal - International Theatre Festival, Reykjavík Dance Atelier and Myndstef

For every ticket sold this November, RDF will donate 50% to this independent organisation working helping the refugees in Greece: www.lighthouserelief.org.

Rebel Rebel is a home for all those who believe in the power of beauty, ideas and the capability of human expression. We the rebels possess neither the vocabulary nor the abilities needed to fully communicate what we want you to feel and think, our minds are like islands unable to link to the rest of the human race the artistic vision we have. However, we hope that our lack of cynicism and honest enthusiasm will make you feel something as we break down the boundaries of choreography and language, one by one. 

Rebel Rebel was created by Ragnheiður Sigurðardóttir Bjarnarson choreographer and visual artist, and her husband Snæbjörn Brynjarsson, fantasy-novelist and theatremaker, in an effort to translate their most difficult ideas into action. Rebel Rebel is about doing the impossible and the unimaginable, going beyond any choreography and any fantasy.