SATURDAY 29TH NOV || 18:00 - 19:30 || BÍOPARADÍS

Did he murder a man, or didn't he murder a man?

Members of performance group Kriðpleir re-investigate the case of farmer Jón Hreggviðsson, sentenced to death in 1683 for killing the king ́s henchman and going through a rather dubious trial. Kriðpleir thinks this has to stop. In order to set things straight, the performers have set out to find the truth and clear this cold case once and for all. The result is a brand new work that comically sheds light on the past, churning up important questions about justice, truth, fiction – and Laxness.

"They ́ve come to a stunning conclusion!“

"This is it! You will never have to attend another theatre piece on Jón Hreggviðsson again!“

Kriðpleir theatre group was founded in 2012. It aims at presenting vast and complex issues in a clear and simple manner, though the task might seem impossible to fulfil. In THE BLOCK (2012), Friðgeir Einarsson invited the audience into his small flat where he – duly assisted by his friend Ragnar – introduced future plans for his neighbourhood. TINY GUY (2013), staged at the University of Iceland and the Reykjavík City Theatre, presented mankind as a lazy being, bent on self-destruction. A BELATED INQUIRY is the group's 3rd show.

Text: Bjarni Jónsson

Actors: Friðgeir Einarsson, Ragnar Ísleifur Bragason, and Árni Vilhjálmsson

Design: Tinna Ottesen

Video/visuals: Janus Bragi Jakobsson

Director: Friðgeir Einarsson

Produced by: Kriðpleir theatre group


When: Saturday 30th November @18:00 - 19:30

Where: Bíoparadís, Hvefisgata 54, 101 Reykjavík

Duration: 90 minutes