Photos: Jeaneen Lund

Invitation to Church of Dancy:

I want to invite you, my friends and family, to come and be with me at this event. It begins at my place, Njálsgata 31a. You will be invited to my home and to my neighbours homes. I have been trying make dancing important to all of my neighbours. Important to do, important to think through, important to talk about. 
Not just for a day, but for real.

I will not say more here. Just, I invite you to come and celebrate the dance, the city and the society we live in - mostly in harmony.

Choreographer: Ásrún Magnúsdóttir

Dramaturgical advisor: Alexander Roberts

Ásrún Magnúsdóttir was born in Reykjavík in the late eighties. She has a B.A. degree in dance from Icelandic Academy of the Arts. She wants to stretch the dominant modes of dance and has created many works; some have been considered good and have been nominated for interesting awards while others have not had a very high profile. She has also travelled quite a lot. At the moment she is interested in working with people that have not thought so much about dance or dancing and trying to make invisible choreographies visible.



TIme: Wednesday 27th of August @ 18:00

Place: Njálsgata 31a, 101 Reykjavík

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes