Picture: Gaetano Cammarota

Picture: Gaetano Cammarota

The choreographer Mette Edvardsen will present a double bill, Black and No Title

‘Black’ is a solo performance about making things appear. The space is empty. There are no things. Through spoken words and movements in space a world will become visible, where the performer is the mediator between the audience and what is there. It is a play in time and space where only the body is physically present, performing actions and handling invisible objects, constantly trying to bridge the invincible gap between thought and experience, between here and there.


The work of Mette Edvardsen is situated within the performing arts field, also exploring other media or other formats such as video, books and writing. With a base in Brussels since 1996 she has worked for several years as a dancer and performer for a number of companies and projects, and develops her own work since 2002. She presents her works internationally and continues to develop projects with other artists, both as a collaborator and as a performer.

For every ticket sold this November, RDF will donate 50% to this independent organisation working helping the refugees in Greece:


Duration 25 minutes

Created and performed by Mette Edvardsen


Production Natalie Gielen/ Manyone vzw and Mette Edvardsen/ Athome

Co-produced by Black Box Teater/ Oslo, Work Space/ Brussels

In collaboration with Kaaitheater/ Brussels, Vooruit/ Gent, Netwerk/ Aalst

Supported by Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs