RDF #14

3RD - 28TH FEBRUARY 2015

If we knew the world would end tomorrow, we would still plant a tree today, right?

We continue. That’s what we do. What else, but that?

When the Titanic was sinking – the string quartet on the ship chose to continue playing.

When the characters in Lars von Trier’s Melancholia are faced in the film, with the certain destruction of planet earth, they construct a shelter. A shelter that is far more aesthetic than it is actual. They know that it’s over.

When the CNN network were faced with the prospect of a nuclear holocaust – they commissioned a video work of a brass band that would play out via the network for the last minutes of life on earth.

In the face of absolute hopelessness, art and aesthetics – far from being abandoned – take centre stage.

We continue. That’s what we do. What else, but that?

Perhaps the only thing you need to know beforehand about this edition of the festival, is that it is not really a festival. At least not in the conventional sense. It’s a cluster of events that spread over the whole month. And there are many ways in.

It all begins with a workshop, and lecture, given by Bojana Cvejic.

Iceland Dance Company, working with two independent choreographers who have both previously shown at RDF, premiere two new works.

Erna Ómarsdóttir and Margrét Bjarnadóttir collaborate with Philipp Gehmacher to create two new solos within the context of Philipp’s ongoing project walk+talk. Both will be presented over one night only, alongside Philipp’s own walk+talk solo.

Choreography Reykjavík are back hosting a night in the programme, that will see past collaborations between local artists rekindled.

The festival will close with a whole host of choreographers undertaking the task of performing solos – with text as their only medium.

Oh, and then there’s all the radio stuff. RDF will collaborate with Buda Kortrijk to broadcast their festival WE ♥ RADIO via the RDF website. And throughout March, Radio Dance Forum will continue to broadcast in collaboration with Viðsjá.

All power to you.

Love RDF.