Workshop - MEDEA



Thursday 12th November: 16:00 - 20:00 // 

Friday 13th November: 16:00 - 20:00 // 

Saturday 14th November: 14:00 - 18:00


"Medea" is a choreography in the making by Nadja Hjorton that will premiere at MDT in Stockholm in March -16. The work will be based on Euripides' play Medea and Nadja Hjorton and her colleges will use the play as a starting point and choreographic score to work on narratives. Having in mind that narratives are not innocent and often make us hold on to old and stinky ideas about for example women, race, class systems and body. Euripides Medea has during history been presented in a number of interpretations and repeatedly been used to tell different stories - the one of the female victim, the female offender, the deceived woman, the desperate woman, the elderly and betrayed woman, the enlightened feminist, the immigrant woman, the failed mother, and the mentally ill. 

This workshop will be the starting point of the making of the performance "Medea". As a participant you will be part of the working groups first faltering, embarrassing proposals as we deliberately celebrate failure. We will work with the idea that the medea script is empty and through dancing, sound making and singing we will think about what narratives, representations and symbols we implicitly and explicitly choose to reproduce, assuming that by choosing we also do a large gesture of excluding. Which text-based, bodily, structural and historical narratives do we give space and authority to in our public and private lives? We will work with Euripides play as a strong concept and fill it with vague symbolism, layers and expressions that points in many directions. 

The working group of Medea (so fucking annoying) is Nadja Hjorton,  Halla Ôlafsdttir, Chrisander Brun, Britta Persson and Siri Hjorton Wagner. 

Nadja, Halla and Britta will give the workshop in Reykjavik.

Nadja Hjorton is a choreographer and dancer based in Stockholm. In her last two pieces "Radio dance" and "On Air", words and text has been central to the work. The pieces use the medium radio as format and framing. By working with choreography in radio and presenting radio as choreography and dance, she has worked on stretching the boundaries of what choreography and dance can be, both in terms of expression and as a working method. Medea is a continuation of these pieces but instead of radio Nadja will work with “the play” as a format. Halla Olafsdottir is an Icelandic artist, dancer and choreographer living and working in Stockholm. Her work is concerned with methods of reinterpretation of recognizable formats of representation facilitating a shared experience. Halla and Nadja goes way back, they fell in love in a dance school back in 2004 and have been working together since.

Britta Persson is a songwriter, composer, producer and performer. She has released four albums and composed music for several stage productions. Britta and Nadja are both part of ÖFA-kollektivet and have worked together in several projects, one was the performance "Meningen med döden" at  Stadsteatern in Skärholmen.


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”Foreign Bodies”, a project supported by a grant from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Romanian Government, in the frame of the ”Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage” Programme developed with the support of EEA Grants and Romanian Government. The project was also made with support of The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. For further information on the project, please visit:

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