CRISIS MEETING (presented by Lókal)

THURSDAY 27TH AUG || 15:00 - 16:15 & 21:00 - 22:15 || SUNDAY  30. AUGUST || 14:00 || DANSVERKSTÆÐIÐ

Oscillating between anarchy, sit-com and Samuel Beckett, Kriðpleir Theater Group takes on different and – at times – completely unmanageable projects, driven by the members´ desperate longing for truth, social acceptance and respect. 

This time Friðgeir Einarsson and his companions are in midst of writing a major application for the Arts Council. The guys have a deadline approaching, but being avid fans of open-door policies and the culture of sharing, they´ve decided to take time off to reveal their working methods during a series of short sessions. 

"Crisis Meeting" is an introduction to the strange world of Kriðpleir; a golden opportunity for arts enthusiasts and professionals to level with the performers, watch them at work and contemplate on the mysterious ways of the performing arts.

Kriðpleir Theatre Group has produced 3 shows to date, starting with "The Block" in 2012 when hospitable theatermaker Friðgeir Einarsson invited people to his small apartment in the east of Reykjavík and introduced to them his fantastic plans for the neighbourhood. Rating this as an over-all positive experience, Einarsson felt ready to take on other and more complex tasks. A year later he showed up with his friends at the University of Iceland, lecturing on the wonders of the brain in "Tiny Guy" (2013) and the third project took Kriðpleir back in time: "Belated Inquiry" (2014) was an attempt to solve a 330 years old murder mystery, resulting in a particular mixture of documentary film-making and theatre.

Kriðpleir are scheduled to perform "Tiny Guy" at steirischer herbst 2015 in Graz and the Culturescapes Festival in Basel.

On stage: Árni Vilhjálmsson, Friðgeir Einarsson & Ragnar Ísleifur Bragason

Off stage: Bjarni Jónsson

Concept: Kriðpleir 

Duration: 75 mins.