As a part of the February edition of RDF for the first time ever - Iceland Dance Company premieres two unexpected and exciting dance performances in The Reykjavik City Theatre.

Now under a new leadership of Erna Ómarsdóttir, a well known dance maker to the RDF audience, the company presents two works by Saga Sigurðardóttir (IS) and Karol Tyminski (PL)


A group of people join together to co-exist. CLOAK is no less a ceremony than a piece of dance: A ceremony about love - love that draws us in, breaks down our fortresses and unites us.

Gríma award winner Saga Sigurðardóttir is a dancer, choreographer and theology student from Reykjavík. After studying modern dance at Iceland National Ballet School she trained as a choreographer at the ArtEZ academy in The Netherlands. During the last eight years Saga has worked as a progressive dance artist, winning numerous prizes and recognitions for her pieces where she investigates existence and condition. Her piece CLOAK is inspired by Sufism, a form of Islamic mysticism, where one meets eternity in dance.

Choreographer: Saga Sigurðardóttir in cooperation with dancers 

Music: Hallvarður Ásgeirsson 

Lighting design: Björn Bergsteinn Guðmundsson

Costume design: Elsa María Blöndal

Dancers: Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon, Cameron Corbett, Einar Nikkerud, Halla Þórðardóttir & Hjördís Lilja  Örnólfsdóttir.


Liminal is a performance inspired by the middle stage of transition. When the previous status no 
longer holds and the new one hasn't been constructed. A stage of ambiguity, confusion and great 

The dancer is the material for artistic creation, which s/he constructs and destructs. Fluctuating 
between reality and spirituality, sacred and profane in a ritual-like act. 

Karol Tyminski is a Polish performer and choreographer. He is a graduate from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels 
and Warsaw Ballet School, and a co-founder of the Centre in Motion, Choreographers Workspace in 
Warsaw. In his work, Tyminski presents the idea of a performer as a vessel that can be filled with any 
idea or story. His characters often oscillate between different roles, femininity, masculinity, or even 
beyond sexual definition. Developing his choreographic language, Tyminski deviates from the formal 
aspects and explores the very physicality of the performer's body, almost at tissue-level. He aims to 
speak about human condition, reaching the emotional side of a performer by penetrating its 
physicality. These activities are often close to ritualistic experiences as was demonstrated in his earlier 
piece "Beep", which was said to be one of the most radical and exciting performances in recent years 
by Europe's leading dance critic, Helmut Ploebs. Tyminski’s artistic activities have been recognised by 
the support of various foundations and institutions, such as  the European Commission and Advancing 
Performing Arts Projects (APAP).

Choreographer: Karol Tyminski
Music: Valdimar Jóhannsson
Lighting design: Björn Bergsteinn Guðmundsson
Costume design: Agniezka Baranowska
Dancers: Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon, Halla Þórðardóttir, Hannes Þór Egilsson, Karol Tyminski og Þyri Huld 

For more information on Iceland Dance Company, please visit the website of IDC here or to buy a ticket, go to midi.is here



When:  Friday 6th Feb, 12th Feb, 15th Feb, 22nd Feb and 26th Feb @ 20:00 – 22:00

Where: Reykjavik City Theater, Listabraut 3, 103 3eykjavik

Duration: approx 2 hrs