Photos: Jeaneen Lund

We all need to be complimented and praised in one way or another. We are constantly seeking some kind of praise in order to feel accepted and to have our actions recognized. Some are used to being applauded for their daily work while others can't take even the slightest compliment. The work is based on the artist's reflections and research on this need to be praised and accepted and how we go about fulfilling it. The work will pop up in random places around the city. 

Ragnheiður Maísól Sturludóttir is a visual artist working across installation, performance, drawing and social exchange. Her work explores a subjective experience of time and the dynamic sense of time that occurs within a creative practice. She usually works with objects and actions of our everyday life, taking them out of context and giving them a new role. In addition to her art practice Maísól is employed as a DJ, karaoke queen and works for the Icelandic circus company.


When: Thursday 28th of August @ 21:00

Where: Around Kassinn, The National Theater, Lindargata 3

Duration: 30 minutes


When: Friday, 29th of August @ 15:00 

Where: Around the corner of Bankastræti and Ingólfsstræti, 101 RVK

Duration: 45 minutes


When: Saturday 30th of August @ 14:00

Where: Laugardalslaug, Sundlaugarvegi 30, 105 RVK

Duration: 45 minutes