GISELLE (presented by RDF, Lókal and Iceland Dance Company)


Photo: Märta Thisne

Photo: Märta Thisne

Giselle goes out to all of you that enjoy; Ballet, Cyberpunk, Celine Dion, J.S Bach, Rihanna and Contemporary dance.

Giselle is hemmed by darkness and an almost apocalyptic wildness. As we witness the unravelling and morphing of various characters from the world of ballet, we are confronted with the hierarchies within the language of ballet: it’s technique and pantomime, the distortion of the narrative through score making, the blurring of the roles between male and female, prima ballerinas and corps de ballet. Where princes turn into trees that turn into eagles that turn into farmers that turn into Wilis that turn you inside out.

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Halla Ólafsdóttir and John Moström are artists working with dance and choreography, based in Stockholm.They both work in many constellations and their work takes on various forms and expressions, John spends a lot of his time working as an architect and Halla has amongst other things been performing in the band The Knife for the past two years. The initial idea for their collaboration with Giselle springs out of a love/hate relationship to classical ballet and a desire to explore new ways to practice it that can generate joy and a sense of togetherness. They have held workshops and performed Giselle with over a 100 artists for the past three years at MDT Stockholm, Workspace Brussels, Uferstudios Berlin and Kampnagel Hamburg.

Credits: Halla Ólafsdóttir and John Moström and Idris Clate, Diana Chira, Snædís Lilja Ingadóttir, Viktor Leifsson, Inga Huld Hákonardóttir, Védís Kjartansdóttir, Aðalheiður Halldórsdóttir, Halla Þórðardóttir, Ásgeir, Helgi Magnússon, Cameron Corbett, Hjördís Lilja Örnólfdóttir, Inga Maren Rúnarsdóttir, Þyrí Huld Árnadóttir, Anna Hera Björnsdóttir, Erla Rut Mathiesen
The journey leading us to where we are now has been shared with many shining stars: Amanda Aptrea, Elizabeth Ward, Annika Scharm, Andrea Oppermann, Andrea Sander, Anja Winterhalter, Anna Thielisch, Astrid Becker, Christian Schaade, Emma Waltruad Howes, Daniel Chelminiak, Denise Klink, Guy Marsan, Hannah Wischnewski, Ira Demina, Jenny Schmidt, Joanna Bouchi-Häfner, Johanna Moeller, Juliana Oliveira, Katharina Roll, Laura Hagemann, Lena Blank, Lena Hesse, Maren Behrmann-Schaade, Maren Lübke,Svenja Beller, Teresa Hoffmann, Vasia Frantzeti, Marie Golüke, Niklas Fransson, Philippa Gjöres Clark, Maja Hellstén, Laerke Ilkjaer Apelon, Linnéa Isaksson, Alexander Larsson, Therese Larsson, Tiina Lehtimäki, Johanna Lindqvist, Richard Nilsson, Yasmin Nilsson Altan, Tina Rönneberg, Helle Skogen, Jacquline Sogell, Tyra Wigg, Christine Vik Bratvold, Nelly Zagora, Anders Almgren, Cecilia Baekgaard Månsson, Alina Bjerkland, Magnus Emanuelson, Elin Eriksson, Isabel Freire Panadero, My Frisk, Evelyn Frylén, Hanne Hellerslien, Elin Karlsson, Rebecca Matani, Josefin Nilsson, Maria Pih, Martina Rubensson, Melodie Runstål, Nicole Rydell, Andrea Schirmer, Nikolina Silferberg, Theresa Sivard, Ellen Weston, Amanda Åkesson, Lisa Wengler, Sebastian Pöge, Saskia Oidtmann, Charlotte Spang, Nathanael Freier, Emma Waltraud Howes, Uri Turkenich, Eliisa Erävalo, Barbara Wiebking, Anna Abel, Mariya Kupriyenko, Sarah Maria Cook, Susanne Engbo, Helen Andrew, Robyn Byrne, Elspether Mckeever, Lotta Suomi, Viktoria Reitinger, Sam Gil, Irene Burren, Hélène Steck, Tamara Hauser, Nora Lehmann, Nadja Wyttenbach, Miriam Coretto Schulte, Barbara Wyss, Simone Leu, Selina Beghetto, Heiner Kasper, Camilla Marini, Liselotte Rieter, Vera Urweider

Duration: 90 minutes

The project was made with support of The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee

Organised in the frame of ”Foreign Bodies”, a project supported by a grant from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Romanian Government, in the frame of the ”Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage” Programme developed with the support of EEA Grants and Romanian Government. The project was also made with support of The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. For further information on the project, please


Gizelle is a part of the project "Do It Like They Do It: A Nordic Conference on the adoption of Music-Making Practices in Choreography”, supported by Kultur Kontakt Nord