After a successful collaboration last year, RDF teams up with Lókal Theater Festival for the joint festival bar!

LÓKAL and RDF are rubbing up against each other in a major way this time around. Aside from programming Blind Spotting together we are sharing a festival bar, the final party and then some! The ticket office for both festivals is stationed in the foyer of Tjarnarbíó, Tjarnargata 12, so you can plan a visit and buy tickets for both festival in the same spot!

THE BAR is located in Tjarnarbíó, Tjarnargata 12. The lovely locals at this spunky independent venue serve us coffee, light meals and drinks all day long from 09:00 in the morning until midnight. There will be live music events in the bar after shows in the evenings and the bar is also a perfect meeting spot.

Happy hour is 17:00-19:00. After that ticket holders can get beer&wine for a very good festival price.

THE MUSIC we have a great line up in the festival bar and at the party of local bands. Wednesday night there will be will be Dj Spaceship and Airplane,  Thursday night you can catch the band Eva  and on Friday Melkorka Magnúsdóttir will grap the spotlight! In the FINAL PARTY the awesome band Grísalappalísa will lead us into party mood at the Danceatelier along with the great DJ tunes of GoodMoonDeer. 

ALSO: LÓKAL and RDF ticket holders get 10% discount at Bergsson mathús restaurant (at Templarasund 3) and Aalto Bistro in the Nordic House during the festivals.



When? Every night from 20:00 - 24:00

Where: Tjarnarbíó Bar, Tjarnargata 12, 101 RVK