Dancing on the borders - A Nordic Exchange for Teenagers

Dancing on the borders is a year long project, where the focus is on performing arts created for, by and with teenagers. The exchange will take place in Reykjavík in March 2018, Reykjavík and Nuuk in August 2018,  In Finland september 2018,.  It will be a series of meetings, workshops and culminate in three day program of dance and performance curated by, with and for teenagers.

The project is a series of meetings, workshops and festivals for teenagers in Europe.

The project is supported by City of Reykjavík, Ministry of Culture and Education, APAP - Performing Europe, Nordbuk - Nordic Culture Point and Erasmus +



MARCH 2018:

* Workshops for Icelandic teenagers with the French performance group Superamas in Reykjavík 

* The Teenager in Reykjavík takes place from 5th - 17th March


JULY 2018: 

* Travels to festival Santarcangelo in Italy where 7 Icelandic and 7 Italian teenagers participate in a workshop with the Norwegian choreographer Ingri Fiksdal

AUGUST 2018:

* Two Icelandic teens travel to Nuuk with Ásrún Magnúsdóttir to lead a workshop and a sharing with Greenlandic teens for one week. 

* 5 day workshop in Reykjavik with Ingri Fiksdal with  participants from Iceland, 2 teens from Greenland, 2 teens from Finland  and 5 teens from Italy during Reykjavík Dance Festival August Edition

* 2 performances of the performance by Ingri: SHADOWS OF TOMORROW in Reykjavík.



* Travel of a project leader and two teens to ANTI Festival in Kuopio and participating in the program. How they will engage is currently in discussion in relation to their festival program.