Choreo-Talks is an evening of experiments where five choreographers each present a short choreographic lecture, a sort of dance through words. The lectures will be on a chosen piece from the past, an opportunity for each choreographer to come back to, dig deeper, see differently or prolong the life of one of their own creations through this sort of “redoing” with words. As an attempt to disturb the traditional setting of giving a lecture, we will be looking at if and how theory appears in dance and how the role of the choreographer is constantly challenging the “pre-given” in methodological choice and ideologies with it’s persistent cross-disciplinary approach to content, form and the world, and that way celebrate the magic that “theory as practice” and “practice as theory” create space for. In stead of constantly separating those two concepts, this will be an attempt to highlight and celebrate the theoretical work of the choreographer which blossoms in the “doing.


CURATED BY: Anna Kolfinna Kuran

Anna Kolfinna Kuran is a young performer and choreographer, working mainly within the independent performance art scene in Reykjavik, Iceland. Her work flows between methods, mediums and disciplines, always lingering in the moving and the visual. She started her dance training in Iceland at a young age but moved to Copenhagen in 2002 to attend The Royal Danish Ballet School. In 2006 Anna was offered a contract as an apprentice with The Royal Danish Ballet. She completed her two year apprenticeship with the company in 2008, in which she participated in all the company’s major productions. After travelling for two years, attending seminars and workshops around the world, Anna moved back home to Iceland to pursue her Bachelor's degree in contemporary dance at Iceland Academy of the Arts. She graduated from there in 2013. Since then, Anna has worked on various projects such as the long term collaborations Dætur and Kraftverk. Dætur showed a work in progress at Reykjavik Dance Festival in 2013 and a live art installation piece at Sequences Art Festival in 2015. Kraftverk had it’s first work in progress showing at The Dance Atelier in Reykjavik in spring 2015, and it’s second show in Mengi art space in December 2015. Anna is also the author/choreographer of the piece “Bríet" which was premiered in Reykjavik Dance Festival 2015. In spring of 2017 she completed her Master’s degree from NYU in Performance Studies.