Photos: Jeaneen Lund and Ásrún Magnúsdóttir

What we have here is the launch party for a new work by art collective Choreography Reykjavík. There will be all the things one might expect at a launch party – free food (may be Mexican, may be not), as well as some free drinks (not sure what) – as well as a free give-away of the art collective’s latest work. Yes – that’s right – free, free, free. But its a party – so it’s got to be.

Their latest work is in actual fact a large scale series of t-shirts – that combine to celebrate some of the monumental contributors of the dancing and choreographic world. WOW!

To get involved in the afternoon party fun – to get some free food, free drink and a free t-shirt – join the collective at 4 pm on Thursday 28th August in Mengi.



When: 28th August @ 16:00

Where: Mengi, Óðinsgata 2, 101 Reykjavík